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Carl Whithaus

Carl Whithaus, Ph.D.

UC Davis

IMGC Team: SPLASH! Editorial Team


Dr. Carl Whithaus joined the SPLASH!® Milk Science Update team in 2012 as Principal Investigator. He is a Professor of writing and rhetoric and Director of the University Writing Program at the UC Davis. His research areas include the impact of information technology on literacy practices, writing assessment, and writing in the sciences and engineering. His three books include Multimodal Literacies and Emerging Genres (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2013), Writing Across Distances and Disciplines: Research and Pedagogy in Distributed Learning (Routledge, 2008) and Teaching and Evaluating Writing in the Age of Computers and High-Stakes Testing (Erlbaum, 2005). His current research projects include: integrating emerging writing technologies into the language arts curriculum (K-12), examining the relationships among claims and evidence in the writing of professional biologists and environmental scientists, and exploring potential modifications to microblogs to leverage knowledge produced “swarming” content/users. Dr. Whithaus earned his Ph.D. at the City University of New York (CUNY); he has taught at Stevens Institute of Technology, Old Dominion University, and UC Davis.