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The Annual IMGC Symposium, is the IMGC’s flagship conference hosted in the fall every year in a different location worldwide. The symposium features the latest, cutting-edge scientific research and discoveries in milk science and their applications for human health. The Symposium is instrumental in building a collaborative, multi-disciplinary, pre-competitive platform for scientific discoveries of the structures, functions, actions, and benefits of milk and to facilitate the application of that knowledge into practice for health. Come join us!

The Awards Program was created to recognize outstanding scientists from different stages in their careers from students to world-renowned emeriti for their significant discoveries, advancements; and distinguished careers in milk science.

SPLASH® Milk Science Update translates the latest scientific discoveries in lactation and milk research and science from primary literature into accessible articles for a broader audience. Every other month, SPLASH® covers four scientific topics related to lactation and milk that bridge different fields, such as human health and agricultural sciences, and especially those with an “omics” focus. SPLASH® now has a searchable archive of more than 400 articles read annually by more than 200,000 readers worldwide.

"The IMGC’s vision is to be the world’s knowledge hub of mechanistic science and innovation in lactation and milk and to bring discoveries to practice."

The Annual IMGC ‘ROS’ (roll up one’s sleeves) Workshop is focused on the translational issues in milk science, to identify key hurdles to scientific development and recruit innovative solutions from a broad range of scientific disciplines. The goal is that participants come away with a better understanding of bringing the discoveries of science to practice as concepts and products for human health.