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Annual ‘ROS’ Workshop

ROS Workshop Slider

The ‘ROS’ (roll up one’s sleeves) Workshop is the International Milk Genomics Consortium’s (IMGC) platform of scientific virtual workshops that focuses on the translational issues in milk science, identifies key hurdles to scientific development and recruits innovative solutions from a broad range of scientific disciplines.

The first two hours of the scientific virtual workshops are dedicated to oral presentations with guest speakers followed by a 1-hour interactive panel discussion with attendees. The goal of these virtual scientific workshops and this platform hosted by the IMGC is for participants to come away with a better understanding of bringing the discoveries of science to practice as concepts and products for human health.

  • Genes, milk composition and properties

  • Milk components and function from various animal breeds

  • Small milk components: metabolites, oligosaccharides, peptides and vitamins

  • Technological properties of milk

  • New breeding markers for improved milk quality

  • Microbial ecology analyses

  • Comparative genomics of lactation

  • Milk protein abundance, composition and measurement

  • Stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, cloning, transgenics

  • Bioinformatics

  • RNA extraction, sequencing and creating sequence libraries

2024 ROS Workshop Theme:
Challenges and Solutions for the Scaling up, Analyzing and Navigating regulatory of Bioactive Milk Lipids

Past Workshops

IMGC| MicroRNAs in Breastmilk Show

2023 IMGC ‘ROS’ Workshop  
Milk Extracellular Vesicles and miRNAs: Scaling-up, analyzing and Navigating Regulatory

IMGC Workshop Program 2023

3D images of Proteins

2022 IMGC ROS Workshop
Milk Proteins and Peptides: Scaling-up, Analyzing and Navigating Regulatory

IMGC Workshop Program 2022

2014 IMGC Workshop
Tools and Possibilities for Optimized Milk

IMGC Workshop Program 2014

2013 IMGC Workshop
Next Generation Tools to Examine Microbial Ecology

IMGC Workshop Program 2013

2012 IMGC Workshop
Techniques for Measuring Milk Phenotypes

IMGC Workshop Program 2012

2011 IMGC Workshop
Comparative Genomics of Lactation – the Big Questions in Mammary Gland Biology

IMGC Workshop Program 2011

2010 IMGC Workshop 
Mammary Gland Biology and the Art and Science of RNA Sequencing

IMGC Workshop Program 2010