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Our Team

The IMGC is made up of four teams. The Management Team oversees the execution of the organization’s activities. The Steering Committee is made up of leaders in the field who are also representatives of our Elite Sponsors. They guide IMGC with strategic planning. The Scientific Advisory Committee is made up of scientific experts in the fields of milk science, lactation and dairy and guide IMGC’s scientific direction. The SPLASH® Editorial Team is made up of professional writers who research and publish the hottest topics in milk science from primary sources.

Meet the experts in the fields of lactation, milk science and dairy that make up our leadership, advisory and editorial boards!


Annie Meier, M.S.
University of Southern California, USA
Denise Mullinax, M.S.
California Dairy Research Foundation, USA

Steering Committee

Ron Belldegrun
ByHeart, USA
Michelle Egger
Denise Mullinax, M.S.
California Dairy Research Foundation, USA
Peter Langborg Wejse, Ph.D.
Arla Strategic Innovation Centre, Denmark

Scientific Advisory Committee

Henrik Jørgen Andersen, Ph.D.
Arla Foods Ingredients, Denmark
Nurit Argov-Argaman, Ph.D.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Christopher J. Cifelli, Ph.D.​
National Dairy Council​, USA
Kevin Comerford, Ph.D.
California Dairy Research Foundation, USA
David Dallas, Ph.D.
Oregon State University, USA
Bethany M. Henrick, Ph.D.
Evolve Biosystems Inc., USA
Kasper Hettinga, Ph.D.
Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
Devon Kuehn, M.D.
ByHeart, USA
Klaus Lehnert, Ph.D.
University of Auckland, New Zealand
Danielle G. Lemay, Ph.D.
Kevin Nicholas, Ph.D.
Monash University, Australia
Monique Rijnkels, Ph.D.
Texas A&M University, USA
Bernd Stahl, Ph.D.
Danone Nutricia Research, Netherlands
Peter Williamson, Ph.D.
The University of Sydney, Australia

SPLASH!® Editorial Team

Carl Whithaus, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Danielle G. Lemay, Ph.D.
Executive Editor
Carolyn Gubala, Ph.D.
Managing Editor
Cora Morgan
Content Strategist & Copy Editor
Anna Petherick, Ph.D.
Associate Editor
Sandeep Ravindran, Ph.D.
Associate Editor
Marina Wang
Associate Editor
Jyoti Madhusoodanan
Associate Editor