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Splash! Milk Science Update | International Milk Genomics Consortium

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Current Issue #114

Issue Date: May 2023

Mom’s Helpful Microbes: Yogurt Consumption During Pregnancy Could Lower Risk of Allergies in Offspring
By: Lauren Milligan Newmark, Ph.D.

Pregnant mothers are often told they are eating for two. Although a myth from a caloric perspective (the energetic cost of pregnancy is only 300–400 extra calories per day, not double the mom’s caloric needs), there is truth to this old saying.

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Live Microbes Intake Linked with Better Health
By: Alice Callahan, PhD

If you’ve given much thought to the healthfulness of your diet, you may have considered how many grams of protein or fiber you consume, or how many servings of fruits and vegetables you eat each day. But have you ever stopped to wonder how many living microbes are on your plate?

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The Tall and the Short of It: Can Milk Drinking Explain Increases in Stature Among Prehistoric Agriculturalists?
By: Lauren Milligan Newmark, Ph.D.

You may have heard the claim that if you double your child’s height at age two, you can determine how tall they will be as an adult. Before you go and check the pencil marks on the doorframe at your childhood home to confirm, take note: this method for estimating height fails to consider the fact that adult stature is a complex trait that results from the interaction of genes and environment.

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Cell Types and Metabolites in Human Milk Change Over Lactation
By: Alla Katsnelson, Ph.D

Human milk is a highly nourishing food for infants and babies—not only does it fulfill their nutritional needs, but it also provides extensive health benefits.

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