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Klaus Lehnert

Klaus Lehnert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Biological Sciences
University of Auckland
New Zealand

IMGC Team: Scientific Advisory Committee


Dr. Lehnert joined the IMGC Scientific Advisory Committee in 2011. He has participated in IMGC Symposia for more than a decade. His primary research interest is ‘functional biology’, focusing on the regulation of gene expression and the cellular and systemic function of gene products in the wider areas of biology and medicine. Dr. Lehnert pursues these interests through discovery of genetic variation responsible for relevant phenotypes in large and small populations, predominantly humans, goats and cows. His research combines high-throughput phenotypic screening with whole genome sequencing and genetic mapping techniques to pinpoint the precise molecular architecture of traits related to milk composition and production in animals, and the causality of rare mutations in human genetic disease. Since 2001, his research has contributed to the discovery and understanding of the majority of genetic variants with significant effects on milk composition and production. A current focus is the development and integration of deep learning approaches, based on artificial neural networks, to make better use of the dense information available from routine herd screening and genome sequencing for research and industry application. Dr. Lehnert enjoys the variety and dynamics of collaboration with experts from related and unrelated fields, the satisfaction of integrating genetic variants in a breeding and selection schemes, all combined with teaching and mentoring students. His bibliography is publicly available here.