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Danielle G. Lemay

Danielle G. Lemay, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Nutrition
UC Davis

IMGC Team: Scientific Advisory Committee and SPLASH! Editorial Team


Dr. Danielle Lemay joined the IMGC Scientific Advisory Committee in 2007. She is also the Founder and Executive Editor of SPLASH!® Milk Science Update, the official publication of the IMGC for which she has selected and reviewed over 300 lay articles on milk science. Dr. Lemay is a Research Scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Western Human Nutrition Research Center in Davis, California. She is also an Associate Adjunct Professor with the Department of Nutrition and faculty member of the Genome Center at University of California-Davis. Dr. Lemay’s research program was previously focused on the genetics of milk production, mammary biology, and milk-oriented microbes.  In her lab at the USDA, she is studying the effect of diet on gut microbes and gastrointestinal health. She has a PhD and MS in Nutritional Biology from UC Davis, and a BS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT. Her bibliography is publicly available here.