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Daniel Tome, Ph.D.

IMGC Team:


Professor Daniel Tomé belonged to the Paris Institute of technology for life, food, and environmental sciences, within Paris-Saclay University (Paris, France). Along his career he has been involved by over more than 40 years in several research and education issues related to Nutrition and Human health. The research he conducted contributed to a better understanding of the metabolism and nutritional needs related to energy, protein, and amino acid. Important results were obtained on nutritional efficiency of dietary proteins as indispensable component of the diet to support protein synthesis, amino acid-related metabolic pathways, and energy expenditure. This research also contributed to better understand how protein intake, which is essential for survival, is tightly controlled and can even be fulfilled in priority to energy intake to ensure protein and amino acid sufficiency and an adequate protein status. These studies led to identify different endocrine, metabolic, metabolomic and transcriptomic signatures and biomarkers of protein and amino acid efficacy, sufficiency, and requirement. Prof. Tomé’s is among the international experts for protein requirement and protein quality in food and diets. He significantly contribute to expertise in Nutrition and Health for national and international authorities and stakeholder.