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Anna Petherick, Ph.D.

Associate Editor

IMGC Team: SPLASH! Editorial Team


Anna Petherick has been has been writing for SPLASH!® Milk Science Update since 2012. She received her B.A. in natural sciences and M.A. in comparative government from Cambridge University. She received her Ph.D. in politics at Oxford University. Dr. Petherick took up the position of science and technology correspondent at The Economist and achieved a rare thing: an exceedingly nerdy, worldwide, biological sciences cover story—that didn’t involve HIV, or sex, and only a very tiny bit of cancer (it was about RNA). She then moved to Nature magazine where she worked as a section editor, and then back to The Economist as the publication’s Argentina correspondent. Today, Dr. Petherick still writes occasional articles for Nature journals, and newspapers, but her main job is as a researcher and lecturer in public policy at Oxford University. Opinions expressed in her work for SPLASH!® do not represent the views of Oxford University. Her website can be found here.