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Dairy and Human Health
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Mammary Biology
Extracellular Vesicles from Cow Milk Help with Osteoarthritis

By: Marina Wang
Issue #107 | Date: 03 2022

Scientists are exploring an exciting new treatment for osteoarthritis, and the source of this new treatment stems from a surprising place: cow milk. Cow milk contains bountiful numbers of extracellular vesicles

Exploring Cells in Human Milk with Single-Cell Sequencing

By: Marina Wang
Issue #106 | Date: 01 2022

Milk is a complex mixture of nutrients, peptides, and immunological factors, yet very little is known about the cells within human milk that make it the ultimate nutritional source for developing

Dairy Farming Is Getting a Big Data Boost

By: Marina Wang
Issue #105 | Date: 11 2021

Industries around the world are being swept up in a Big Data and AI revolution, and dairy is no exception. A new, multidisciplinary project called Dairy Brain is using big data

Anti-viral Properties of Human Milk Oligosaccharides

By: Sandeep Ravindran, Ph.D.
Issue #105 | Date: 11 2021

A surge in viral infections this past summer caused more children to be hospitalized than usual, and it’s not all COVID-19 [1,2]. Other respiratory viruses, including respiratory syncytial virus, have been hitting

New Processing of Dairy Milk Yields Drug Delivery Vehicles

By: Marina Wang
Issue #105 | Date: 11 2021

Dairy could a have a surprising new role to play in biomedicine and pharmacology. Over the past few years, researchers have shown a surging interest in exosomes, tiny membrane-bound vesicles

Bring Back the Fat in Dairy

By: Lauren Milligan Newmark, Ph.D.
Issue #105 | Date: 11 2021

Fashion trends from the 1990s may be making a comeback, but 1990’s dietary trends should definitely stay out of style. In that decade, fat was a four-letter word and non-fat and

Creating Cows That Produce Hypoallergenic Milk

By: Sandeep Ravindran, Ph.D.
Issue #104 | Date: 09 2021

Food allergies can be a real kick in the guts, causing a range of symptoms from mild discomfort to life-threatening anaphylactic reactions. About 2–3% of babies and young infants have allergic reactions