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The evidence around raw milk

By: Anna Petherick, Ph.D.
Issue #7 | Date: 10 2012

Is unpasteurized (or raw) cows’ milk good or bad for you? It’s a simple question with vociferous and opposite answers depending on who you ask. Agencies of the United States federal government, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), point to numbers that

Boy milk vs. Girl milk

By: Katie Hinde, Ph.D.
Issue #7 | Date: 10 2012

At the grocery store, there are formulas for infants with very low birth weights, soy-based formulas for infants with dairy allergies, and low-sodium formulas for infants who need restricted salt intake. Should there also be Boy Formula or Girl Formula? The answer is…maybe. Recent research has

When fat is fabulous: Milk & infant neurodevelopment

Issue #6 | Date: 09 2012

Fat is back, baby! After a pretty extensive smear campaign, fats are now recognized necessities for a healthy, balanced, adult diet. But for infants, fats have always been an essential constituent in mother’s milk and formula. Fatty acids are critical structural components of the brain.

How dairying shaped the human genome

By: Ross Tellam, Ph.D.
Issue #6 | Date: 09 2012

Something amazing happened about 10,000 years ago – humans developed organized agriculture, profoundly influencing the emergence of civilizations in many regions of the world. This past year has seen an explosion of revelations as scientists exploit the power of DNA sequence information to discover the