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Dinosaur aunts, bacterial stowaways, and insect milk

By: Katie Hinde, Ph.D.
Issue #3 | Date: 06 2012

Milk is everywhere. From the dairy aisle at the grocery store to the explosive cover of the Mother’s Day issue of Time magazine, the ubiquity of milk makes it easy to take for granted. But surprisingly, milk synthesis is

Recipe for cow’s milk revealed by new DNA sequencing technology

By: Ross Tellam, Ph.D.
Issue #3 | Date: 06 2012

Spock: “Captain, it’s a unique liquid formulation taken by their young to accelerate growth and development, enhance deductive reasoning and it protects them from alien invasions.”

Kirk: “Can we use the replicator to make enough to save

Multitasking milk oligosaccharides

By: Anna Petherick, Ph.D.
Issue #2 | Date: 05 2012

Like the moms who produce them, human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) juggle many different tasks. As we continue to discover their functions, their to-do list continues to grow. In a recent review, Jantscher-Krenn and Bode list HMO’s well-established jobs and shift the focus onto