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The Milky500: five hundred worthy proteins

By: Daniela Barile, Ph.D., Matthew Lange
Issue #2 | Date: 05 2012

The Indy 500 is perhaps the most famous car race in the United States. Unlike every other sporting competition in the world, the legendary 500 mile car race is celebrated with the victor drinking not Champagne, but rather

Do offspring inherit more than genes?

By: Ross Tellam, Ph.D.
Issue #2 | Date: 05 2012

What if the saying “you are what you eat” became “you are what you and your parents ate”? The written slate of life’s experiences may not be completely wiped clean between generations. How would this knowledge influence our behavior as

The “ripened cheese” treatment for obesity and diabetes

By: Daniela Barile, Ph.D.
Issue #1 | Date: 04 2012

Brie cheese lovers everywhere have reason to rejoice. Researchers from the University Catholique de Louvain in Belgium have found that eating ripened cheese decreases blood sugar levels and fat tissue in obese/diabetic mice.

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