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Save Time, Read “SPLASH!”

    A splash of milk. Save Time, Read “SPLASH!” for Milk Science Updates.

    Written by: Danielle G. Lemay, PhD | Issue # 1 | 2012

    Imagine if you spent every minute of every day reading scientific articles that have the keyword “milk” associated with them. Suppose you read one article per hour, 24 hours a day. Even with this impossible regimen, you could not cover even half of the milk-related articles published each year. In 2011, there were over 20,000 journal articles published with the keyword “milk” in the PubMed, CAB Abstracts, Agricola, and FSTA databases.

    The purpose of “SPLASH!”, IMGC’s innovative newsletter, is to make it easier for you to stay up-to-date with the scientific literature. Much easier.  Our goal is to keep you current on the hottest topics in milk science and human health in less than an hour per month by featuring the most important articles in today’s scientific journals and explaining why they’re important.

    SPLASH!” has an all-star team of contributors including a co-leader of the Bovine Genome Sequencing and Analysis Consortium, an anthropologist/primatologist who directs the Comparative Lactation Laboratory at Harvard University, the leader of the Dutch Milk Genomics Initiative, a food scientist and chemist with a research program focused on bovine milk functional glycomics, and a co-leader of the Bovine Lactation Genome Consortium.  You can read more about us at IMGC Newsletter Editorial Staff.  Join us, your milk science experts, for captivating insights and reviews of milk research during 2012.

    -Danielle G. Lemay, Executive Editor