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Letter from the Editor: SPLASH! in 2020

    Written by: Danielle G. Lemay, PhD | Issue # 94 | 2020

    Since inception in 2012, we have published an astonishing 93 issues featuring 372 articles on milk science in “SPLASH!® milk science update,” the scientific publication of the International Milk Genomics Consortium. 372! That is a lot of different milk topics!

    In January of 1995, American cartoonist Gary Larson, then just 44 years old, retired the famous The Far Side strip for fear that it would become repetitive. Having personally presided over 372 articles, I have had that fear for SPLASH!. The mysteries of milk and lactation run pretty deep and scientists continue to deliver, but it does get more difficult to find 48 milk science topics annually that are truly untouched. In effort to maintain the quality of SPLASH! that you have come to enjoy, we will be publishing 6 issues in 2020, still with 4 feature articles per issue for a total of 24 annual topics, and then we’ll re-evaluate for 2021. In the intervening months in which SPLASH! is not published, you’ll still hear from the IMGC as they feature the work of specific scientists and sponsors in a different format.

    We are happy to report the return of writers Dr. Anna Petherick, Dr. Sandeep Ravindran, Dr. Lauren Newmark, and Dr. Peter Williamson for 2020. Stay tuned for new hot topics such as dairy and sustainability (starting this issue), applications of artificial intelligence in dairy, and more on milk-oriented microbes.

    Thank you for being a SPLASH! reader. We have readers from around the world with over 200,000 unique visitors to the website in 2019. Your website clicks provide the “votes” that keep us going and help us learn which topics are reader favorites. Click away, dear reader, and share with your friends!

    Danielle G. Lemay, PhD
    Founder and Executive Editor, SPLASH! milk science update”